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Michelle Risa: Author of “Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion and Profits"

Here to shine a light on the rapidly growing conscious business movement today is author and social entrepreneur, Michele Risa. Michele is not only co-author of “Conscious Entrepreneurs: A Radical New Approach to Purpose, Passion and Profits” (winner of the National “Best Books 2008” Awards), but is also CEO of BeyondBodyMindSpirit.com, a website offering a “jumpstart your health” program that is designed to provide a new solution in our times of healthcare crisis, as well as how to turn the worst of times to the best of times in our day to day challenges and decisions that seems to keep steering us further and further from our goals.

Since graduating from New York University and Columbia University Michele has been able to travel the world as well as help many companies–most recently the New York Stock Exchange–improve its most valuable asset: the well-being of its employees.

Tune in Thursday to hear about the joys and challenges of starting and maintaining a successful social business with Michele Risa.


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A.B. Short, co-founder of MedShare

Join us this week for a conversation with A.B. Short, the CEO of MedShare, an organization he co-founded. Under his guidance, MedShare has evolved into one of the leading medical supply recovery organizations in the United States.

In 1998, A.B. Short and Bob Freeman were concerned with the critical healthcare needs of the underserved populations throughout the world and the environmental threat of discarded medical supplies and equipment. To act on these issues, MedShare was born.

To date, MedShare has shipped over $60 million worth of donated medical supplies and equipment to economically developing countries across the globe, which accounts to over 1 million cubic feet of landfill space saved.

Watch this cool video to learn more:

From 1981-1998, Short dedicated his time to addressing poverty issues in the Atlanta area as an educator, advocate and service provider. He served as the Marketing Director for the Atlanta Community Food Bank in the early 1980s, working with donors, local and national producers, and distributors of food and food-related products. During this time, Short also initiated the founding of a hospitality ministry through a local church, launching the Community of Hospitality (COH) which later became a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with a focus on homelessness issues. COH continues to this day.

Short then turned his attention to feeding the homeless. With the help of Bob Freeman and others, he opened Café 458 in the summer of 1988. It was, and still is, a “by reservation only” restaurant for homeless people. The additional need for an alcohol and drug treatment program became obvious, so a group of treatment professionals and homeless individuals were assembled to determine what opportunities might be offered. The result was the creation of a small, long-term residential alcohol and drug treatment program called Café 458’s Recovery Program, now known as the Oakhurst Recovery Program.

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JJ Ramberg, Co-founder of Goodsearch.com

This week’s guest, JJ Ramberg, is the co-founder of GoodSearch.com, a socially responsible search engine and online shopping mall that gives 50% of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. Since its launch, GoodSearch has worked with more than 82,000 nonprofits and schools and has developed relationships with more than 1,300 retailers including Amazon.com, Best Buy, Target, Macys and Petco.

In 2001 JJ was faced with an incredible hardship when her mother, Connie Ramberg, passed away from cancer. In helping her mom fight her battle, she discovered many organizations that were finding ways to give back and increase awareness of hope. Inspired and faced with the reality of need JJ and her brother Ken decided to revolutionize the way people support their favorite causes and create a way to incorporate helping into every day life by creating a sustainable way to raise funds and awareness for worthy organizations. The idea she came up with is simple yet so powerful – GoodSearch.com.

GoodSearch is an incredibly simple concept which is having an incredibly large impact. Tune in Thursday to hear more about JJ’s inspiring career balancing business with social good.

Download the GoodSearch toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer here.

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Melanie Marks i

Melanie Marks is dedicated to the conservation of sharks and promoting the cause through "Shark Trust Wines."

Melanie Marks is here this week to share her passion for good wine and what else? Sharks!

With a background in international business, Melanie Marks has had the opportunity to travel extensively and explore wines from around the world, becoming well-versed on several varieties of wine, as well as the wine-making process itself. As an avid diver, Melanie has always combined her trips with her two passions. It wasn’t until she accompanied a research team off the coast of South Africa to swim with Great White Sharks first hand that she knew what she needed to do.

Melanie has decided to combine her love of world wide  fine wine with the conservation of the endangered sharks to create one wine that will implement awareness and benefits for a great cause. Her idea grew into Shark Trust Wines, encompassing a wider selection of wines and the concept of donating profits to support shark conservation.

Melanie’s goal is to spread enthusiasm by providing people with the chance to discover good wine with a great mission.

Tune in this Thursday at 3:00pm to get hooked on Melanie’s creative tips on conscious capitalism and inspiring stories.

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Lon Safko

Lon Safko, author of “The SocialMedia Bible".

“When you start to see your world in a different perspective, you see new ways to do everything!” – Lon Safko

Seeing the world in a new way every day is this week’s author, inventor and social good innovator Lon S. Safko. Lon is an author of five ground-breaking books with the intention to offer advice on anything between launching a successful online business to teaching corporations how to train managers to think creatively. His latest book with John Wiley & Sons “The SocialMedia Bible,” unlocks the mysteries of the hottest new Internet wave, Social Media, such as Facebook and YouTube. This book is transforming corporate and non-profit marketing strategies and how they use new media to reach their desired audiences with power messages and efficiency.

Lon has many prestigious accomplishments including creating the “First Computer To Save A Human Life”. That computer, along with 18 inventions and more than 30,000 of Lon‘s papers, are in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

Lon was recently selected by the Smithsonian to represent “The American Inventor” at their annual conference. He is the founder of nine successful companies, including PaperModels, Inc., which uses downloadable three-dimensional models in business advertising, promotions, and education, which is being considered as an acquisition

In order to share his acquired knowledge and professional wisdom, Lon speaks in 100 cities each year on Innovation, and Digital Marketing, and how to be a successful entrepreneur / intrapreneur in this global digital age.

Join us this Thursday at 3:00pm to learn tips from Lon on how to harness innovative thinking to create higher productivity and profits. Also make sure you check out his latest book’s website at http://www.TheSocialMediaBible.com.

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America's most promising social entrepreneur.

Dahna Goldstein, of PhilanTech, LLC - one of America's most promising social entrepreneurs

This week’s guest on Planet Good Radio is one of Biz Weeks 25 most promising social entrepreneurs, Dahna Goldstein. As the founder of Philantech, LLC she has discovered how to utilize an important tool to help social sector organizations devote more time and resources to their core competencies and towards the vital products and services that they exist to provide.

Learning how to use Technology beneficially is increasingly important for the success of social enterprises, whether they are nonprofits, nonprofit subsidiaries, or for profits.  With the wrong organizational orientation towards technology, social enterprises risk wasting a lot of time, money and social impact.

PhilanTech, a founding B Corporation, is dedicated to using technology judiciously to enable social sector organizations to maximize service delivery and social impact.  Its suite of products, the PhilanTrack online grants management system, helps foundations and nonprofits redirect some of the $5 billion spent annually on grants administration towards the social impact the grants are intended to fund. Dahna also produced interactive eLearning programs, including the award-winning “What Is a Leader?” program, for Harvard Business School Publishing and Global Education Network. Dahna holds a BA from Williams College, a Master of Education degree, with a concentration in technology, from Harvard University, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.o

Two organizations Dahna mentions in her interview are  www.nten.org and www.idealware.org.

Tune in Thursday to hear to learn new tips on how technology can improve your social enterprise.

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Rick Zwetsch

Rick Zwetsch, Co-Founder & Prinicipal Partner of interSector Partners

This week on Planet Good Radio we’ll discuss the details of the L3C — a new hybrid legal structure that combines the financial advantages of the limited liability company, an LLC, with the social advantages of a non-profit organization.

The L3C is an exciting new concept bringing together two worlds that have long needed to collaborate so that big things and good things could happen together! When new ideas with the potential to create immediate, long-lasting change are born,  sometimes our enthusiasm kicks into overdrive and we don’t slow down long enough to get the facts straight. 

Joining us to explain this new corporate structure is Rick Zwetsch, co-founder and principal partner with interSector Partners, the 39th L3C to organize in the U.S.  The first L3C based in Colorado, interSector’s social mission is to provide education and consulting services to help nonprofits become more sustainable, for-profits become more socially responsible and to help government entities better support both sectors in their communities. interSector also supports social entrepreneurs, community foundations and others interested in the new L3C hybrid business form. 

Rick will provide a general overview of some of the important facts and issues to consider as you decide if the L3C is right for you. There are a potentially infinite number of scenarios where the L3C will not work, is not the right business structure, where the L3C just doesn’t make sense. However, there are an equal number of exciting and powerful opportunities where the L3C can help to launch and grow important social enterprises. 

Rick Zwetsch has 30 years strategic marketing, business development and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries. His boundless marketing savvy and never ending supply of innovative, reality-based ideas and strategies result in creative ways to generate revenue, new clients/customers and success for clients. Rick is no armchair theorist. He knows not only what does work, but also what doesn’t, and his advice has saved many a budding entrepreneur from costly mistakes. He is widely respected not just for his knowledge but also for his ethics, integrity and ability to “tell it like it is.”

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