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Angela Soper, co-author of "Values Sell"

Angela Soper, co-author "Values Sell"

Nadine Thompson, co-author "Values Sell"

Nadine Thompson, co-author "Values Sell"

Joining us this week on Planet Good Radio are award-winning entrepreneur Nadine A. Thompson and coauthor Angela Soper.  The two will discuss the principles of their new book “Values Sell:  Transforming Purpose into Profit through Creative Sales and Distribution Strategies.”

Sales and distribution are the lifeblood of any business and socially responsible businesses are no different. To make a difference in the world, a business has to make its product or service available and get the public to buy it. But how can one compete with businesses for which the bottom line is the only measure of success? You need to get creative!

Angela Soper is a writer, media consultant and filmmaker.  She has also written for The Washington Post and People magazine and for nine years served as the Creative Director/Screenwriter for one of the world’s leading direct selling companies. She is co-producer/co-writer of Courthouse Girls of Farmland, an award winning documentary that has screened at film festivals throughout the United States, in Canada and in Australia.

Nadine Thompson is the Co-Founder and former President and CEO of Warm Spirit, a unique direct-sales company that produced a comprehensive collection of nature-based beauty and wellness products. The unique creations were supplied to customers through a nationwide network of more than 30,000 independent consultants. The company transformed the face of the direct sales and network marketing industry by providing an opportunity for wealth-building and financial freedom that had not always been accessible for women—and even less so for the African-American community.

Today, Thompson is taking her vision and empowerment acumen to another level, and has moved on from Warm Spirit to establish Nadine Thompson Enterprises, including her new retail venture, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company – an innovative direct selling company that launched in January, 2008.

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Erin Gorman, CEO of Divine Chocolate, USA

Erin Gorman, CEO of Divine Chocolate, USA

Join us this Thursday on Planet Good Radio for a really sweet treat:  Chocolate!  That’s right – we’ll be speaking with Erin Gorman, the CEO of Divine Chocolate, a pioneering social enterprise co-owned by the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.

The success of Divine means that farmers have a secure source of Fair Trade income that continues to grow year on year. Kuapa Kokoo has invested its Fair Trade income in building schools, sinking wells for clean drinking water to villages, providing mobile medical clinics for farmers in remote growing regions, and fostering women’s income generation projects to help women earn additional income for their families when the cocoa season is over.

The farmers’ ownership stake in Divine Chocolate means that Kuapa Kokoo has a meaningful input into decisions about how Divine is produced and sold. In addition, Kuapa Kokoo receives a share in the profits from their ownership shares and in 2007 celebrated the first distribution of dividends from Divine in the UK.

The farmers of Kuapa Kokoo own one-third of Divine Chocolate in the US. Additional investment is provided by Divine Chocolate Ltd. in the UK, Lutheran World Relief, Oikocredit, and SERRV International.

Erin previously served as the Program Director for Co-op America (now Green America), expanding consumer activism to grow the green and fair trade marketplace. During her tenure she founded the Fair Trade Alliance, a network of community activists committed to building awareness about Fair Trade as a market based approach to development. Erin has been a consultant for several Fair Trade nonprofit organizations and commercial companies. She is the past Vice Chair of the Fair Trade Federation, the US trade association for Fair Trade businesses.

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